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I am a Professional beautician who has the skill and experise to design these Custom wigs for your own personal Head. They are measured, tapered, and styled to your specifications. These wigs would normally go for $500-$700 dollars, but since I work alone and do not have a lot of overhead I only charge $199.00

My wigs can be worn at work, swimming, dancing, or sleeping within normal limits.

Leola Kennedy

Outside of spa; Size=130 pixels wide

Up for sale is a custom made lace front wig. The example in the picture is a shoulder length layered style, shown in this style is very versatile, it can be worn in a loose Marilyn Monroe style, a fingerwave look, flip, bouffant flip, endless combouts can be acheived. This wig can be made in ANY COLOR to suit your individual needs! These are the fine, hand made lace front style wigs worn in theatre, opera ,film and television, as well as by many celebrities and singers such as Beyonce, Cher, Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman, 'Lil Kim , Tyra Banks and many more. These wigs are ideal for female impersonators to give that extra realistic hairline for the utmost in creating your illusion. No more hard hairline, tediously blending your own hair in or trying to create a fake hairline by ratting which never looks real. The wig can be put up into updos or any style and the hairline looks like a natural , realistic hariline! Great for covering a receding hairline. These can also be used for theatrical events, as well as for wear in everyday life! This wig is made of synthetic fibers, so the basic style is locked in, though hot rollers or a steam set can be used to add curl, wave or body. I can also make any other length, style or color in synthetic or human hair for an additional charge! Just email me for a quote! This is an excellent price for this type of wig,taking about 10 hours to carefully hand tie in the hairline usually costs at least double, but due to the time of the year and the economy, I find I need to have a sale, which passes these savings on to you. Don't pass up this great opportunity to own your own custom made lace front wig!







Include the color you want in the sellers note, either by color ring number or description, or I can custom match a color. Takes about 2 weeks to recieve after payment is final. Free shipping

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